Forget Diets, Plant Tomatoes

Forget Diets, Plant Tomatoes

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Do you eat when you are stressed, bored, or when you feel less thank magnificent? Is food an escape? Did you gain weight during the pandemic? You are not alone. According to a Harvard medical study of peoples medical records 39% of patients gained weight during the pandemic.  Weight gain was defined as above the normal fluctuation of 2.5 pounds for the period of time.  Approximately 27 per cent gained less than 12.5 pounds, and about 10% gained more than 12.5 pounds, with 2% gaining over 27.5 pounds. Gaining weight is known to impact health in many ways including physical mobility, heart health and diabetes. It is scientifically known that stress and inflammation increases the chance of chronic disease. 

"Trance Lady" Joanna Cameron's wellness guide, Forget Diets Plant Tomatoes, takes readers on an unforgettable metaphorical, hypnotic journey to stop emotional eating and live a happier life. With the help of 4 downloadable MP3's, self hypnosis, over 30 exercises, her client's stories, anecdotal evidence, poetry,  Abbe Lyle’s beautiful photographs, Neuro-Linguistic programming, NLP, and Time Line Therapy™ — Cameron asks dieters who are tired of dieting to take a leap of faith and stop eating to their hearts' content so that they can achieve their hearts' desire.  The weight falls off and stays off! 

In twelve dynamic, yet playful, chapters like "The Seven Healing Steps and Your Unconscious Mind," "Trance Your Way Out of Emotional Eating," and "I Let Go of Limiting Decisions and Negative Emotions from the Past," — You will be kept mentally and physically busy with this workbook. There are written assignments and seven steps to take. You will learn how to meditate and even tone your vagal nerve. Joanna describes chakras, tapping, values conflicts and how it's never too late to have a happy childhood.  With benchmark studies that dispel a few myths, she  offers compelling evidence that until men and women take the time to address the reasons they eat — they’ll be unable to escape the unhealthy consequences of consuming too much cheesecake. The cause of emotional eating is in the unconscious mind. This book will change your beliefs.  People don’t fail diets, diets fail people because they do not address the underlying emotional causes of overeating. She shows readers how to make the unconscious a friend rather than a foe. This is a gentle book and tackles a difficult subject with humanity and humor. Ultimately, this guide shows readers how to free their mind of what weighs it down in order to shed unwanted weight.

“I first published this book in 2011 and I decided to rewrite it as so much has changed in the last 10 years. We  have had a pandemic forcing us outside our comfort zone with food.  I have changed and the exercises and meditations in this book really make this an up-to-date self-help book.  I will teach you how to become calm inside and see abundance every time you open your eyes. That gratitude will attract more abundance into your life.  Your vibration will rise as you work this book.  I challenge you to listen to Audio 2 everyday for thirty days and watch yourself increase abundance in your life. You can reach a calm state of focus where you align yourself and you have clarity, eagerness and happiness and you see abundance everywhere. You realize you have let go of a “never enough” mentality, which has caused emotional eating. You’ve effectively changed your beliefs.

As regards the scientific discoveries in the last 10 years, we have learned so much more about the quantum nature of our DNA, brain waves, the neuroplasticity of our neurons,  the mapping of our brains and the value of meditation. 

The word ‘quantum” in Latin is amount. The smallest amount of the atom is pure energy. Your cells are spacious and energetic.

Recent research on DNA has shown that meditation increases the lengths of the telomeres on your chromosomes. It’s as if your DNA has shoelaces with caps. The caps are protective like the plastic ones on your shoelaces. They prevent the shoelaces or the DNA from unravelling and being damaged. Damaged cells cannot reproduce. Telomere length is related to aging in human beings. Lifestyle factors including smoking, lack of physical activity, obesity, stress, exposure to pollution, etc. can potentially increase the rate of telomere shortening, cancer risk, and pace of aging. Epigenetics is now the study of how your environment influences the genetic code of your DNA and it’s expression.  

Saying “YES” to the meditative state is surrender. Surrender is not a sign of weakness. It’s a sign of strength. It is accepting life moment by moment. Whatever happens, you don’t judge the moment. You don’t react. Thoughts may arise. However, you do not judge those thoughts, engage or log into them. You accept life as if you chose it. At some level, you absolutely created this moment. This is the Shift to a higher consciousness.

Come on this journey of change with me and let’s get those quantum energetic cells of yours buzzing with satisfaction, thereby extending your life!

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