The Documentary

DrainThatPain is pain elimination. Unabashedly, an experiential Heal The World Documentary, produced with the Intention that audience members can let go of chronic pain in their movie seats and leave it behind! Spiritually - We can move Intention on our Planet so we can rise above fear and chronic pain. Love rules over pain. DrainThatPain shows how education, inspiration and imagination can move the stuck energy of chronic pain safely and globally. Truthful-emotionally-charged story lines with majestic aerial footage from around the World accompanied by high-vibration Crystal Singing bowls, soulful piano and heart-tugging strings. #HealTheWorld #painelimination, #lovingintention #TearsOfJoy.

Here is the trailer

The Movie does not have a distributor at this moment. However, if you have a group of persons or an individual who wants to view it - then for a fee you can make arrangements for me to show the film to your group or you alone. I know no better way to prepare a person to let go of chronic pain than watching the documentary and then having a DrainThatPain session. Contact me or my agent, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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