Speaker, Dr. Joanna Cameron

Dr. Joanna Cameron speaks on subjects related to health, levitra wellness and fitness. As the Trance Lady, she is a comedy hypnotist – so she is used to making her audiences laugh! She uses the same skills as a speaker. Her lectures are experiential and always have audience participation, laughter and valuable information that each person can use to improve their life.

steppingstones-book1Your tools to overcome anxiety.

1.  Would you like to know how to start your day over? This talk is based on Joanna Cameron’s chapter in the book “Stepping Stones to Success” and deals with the necessary steps to stop anxious, non productive thoughts. The result is focus and empowerment. 

2.  Forget Diets, Plant Tomatoes!
How do you change your relationship with food? How do you achieve a healthy lifestyle and set goals that work? Diets do not work as they do not address the cause of emotional eating. This talk will motivate and inspire participants to eat in a different way.