Don’t take this training unless you are really ready to change…

A training that is about YOU, your path and your dreams! What is it that you Want? Confidence, love, health, energy, the enjoyment of the moment…. ? Trance Lady challenges you to commit to change! Are you ready to Ante-Up… Up Your Intent? When you do that - the Universe takes notice! I will meet you there energetically along with like-minded souls and together we will create a unique group energy where change and healing occur as we connect with our super consciousness. Ask yourself what has to happen to make this the best training experience ever? Well - it’s going to blow your mind! Expect mind-boggling change, visualize it happening and make it happen. This training demands that you commit to it, BRING IT. You do not observe in this training - you do it! It’s hands-on. Bring what bothers you - fear, sadness, depression, inability to make money or let go of unwanted weight, procrastination, anxiety, doubt, a limiting decision - the feeling of not being able to measure up! LEAVE that unwanted-baggage in Las Vegas, Mill Valley CA, Chicago!  Oh and BTW - you are going to have so much fun in this training! :)

And as soon as you sign up, you can begin to act as if you’ve already given up that unwanted baggage as you visualize what you want and you begin to cycle those pictures in your head. It’s so much fun to imagine your dreams and watch them manifest before your eyes! That’s what I call Upping Your Vibe! Here's some of the learnings of the training.

  • What is your Vibe…?
  • Complete this sentence “When I Up My Vibe, I am actively…..
  • Why taking action is so important
  • The importance of attitude and INTENT!
  • Feeling the energy in your hands and learning to use it as a conduit. Feeling heart math energy and the resonance of the room
  • Using your energy to fill the room and beyond
  • Understanding that there is no such thing as coincidence
  • Recognizing the importance of taking personal responsibility
  • Recognizing the importance of posture
  • Increased understanding of the physical signs of rapport
  • Hypnotizing silently
  • Using the tone, cadence, timbre of your voice
  • Mastering the standing induction and ability to put someone on your shoulder
  • Safety considerations
  • The Fast Phobia Model for Presentations
  • Ability to put someone on the floor and when to do this and when to not do this induction
  • The Backwards Swirl Induction to the Ground is the most beautiful induction and it will be mastered
  • Handshake inductions including the hand-drop, and many more and the ability to hypnotize a line of seated people and this is so much fun…
  • The modified Elman induction is mastered and the ability to demonstrate both physical and mental relaxation and fractionation
  • Hypnotizing using a pencil, and other party tricks
  • Hypnotizing with suggestibility tests
  • Demonstrate deep trance phenomena and the Esdaile State
  • Release negative emotions and limiting decisions using Time Line Therapy, Spinning, Group Energy techniques

- Run comedy skits - a mini show

  • Setting personal goals
  • Creating your future with mindfulness, pictures (cycling or spinning the future) the Time Line and most of all adding the needed energy in your body. Doing this as a group is a very powerful experience. Everyone will feel it alone in the middle of the circle.
  • Hands On running of skits. (Happens in 2 day Upping Your Vibe, but not in the 1 day)

You can watch Joanna Cameron, the Trance Lady in action at 

1) BRING IT. Mill Valley, CA. Two days, April 22, 23
2) BRING IT. Las Vegas, Two days, August 22, 23 Pre Conference. HypnoThoughts LIVE 
3) BRING IT! Mid America Hypnosis Conference. October 21 - 23. Details soon.